Deliver Fast, Accurate Estimates 
This Storm Season

To meet the surge in demand for roof inspections and estimates after a major storm, you need to be able to quickly prepare competitive bids based on up-to-date property information.

EagleView’s highly accurate virtual property reports make it easy to assess damage—without the inefficiencies and safety risks of an on-site visit.

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Order Report

Quickly Scale to Demand

Do more roof inspections in less time so you can meet demand for estimates after a storm.

Deliver Accurate Quotes

Create more accurate repair quotes with access to pre-storm property imagery.

deliver accurate quotes

Leverage Trusted Data

Access a trusted source of property data that makes it easier for both your company and insurance claims adjusters to expedite repairs.

precise data

Reduce Safety Risks

Mitigate storm damage-related safety risks at the bid stage until fall protection is in place.

reduce safety risks

When a Storm Strikes, Count On EagleView

Utmost Precision

  • High-resolution aerial imagery 
  • 5cm or better Ground Sample Distance 
  • 4x the detail of standard aerial imagery & 70x that of satellite 

Historical Data 

  • Nearly 2 decades of historical imagery   
  • Providing context needed to analyze property change 
  • See new structures, weather damage and more 

Computer Learning 

  • Deep machine learning algorithms extract precision data 
  • Assessed using current and historical imagery   
  • Scale and speed that eclipses manual processes 

Multiple Formats 

  • PDF with measurements rounded for easy reading    
  • XML, JSON, and DXF formats with precise data  
  • All measurements calculated down to the night decimal point  

Order your EagleView report online, or download the EagleView App from the Android or Apple app stores.

Accurate Property Data to Help You Respond and Rebuild

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