With EagleView imagery we know we have quality, and that gives us confidence in our preliminary plans that we wouldn’t have with any other data source." 

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The EagleView App allows roofing contractors to manage entire projects, from proposal to installation, from the convenience of a mobile device. It features automated quoting for job estimates, an interactive 3D visualizer for 360-degree property views, and settings for customized job cost and pricing preferences.

Geoffrey Gindhart 
Aviation Planning Dept Manager, AECOM Imagery 

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An App Built for Roofing Contractors

The EagleView App revolutionized the roofing industry by taking the guesswork out of estimates. Preset cost and pricing preferences eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. The 3D visualizer allows users to pinch, expand, and rotate property images for a complete view. Automated quotes are available for every order place, regardless of location or weather conditions.

Ready to Add the EagleView App to Your Toolkit?

Use the app for quick access to your order, order status, and measurement reports.

Easily Access Key Roof Measurements

Accelerate the bidding process and reduce overages with automated quotes.

Bid Faster on Projects

Efficiently manage your bids and projects, so you can focus on providing top customer service.

Keep Track of Bids and Jobs

Prioritize safety with technology solutions that make it easy to obtain roof measurements at any time.

Put Safety First

Increase Win Rates, Drive Profitability, and Deliver a Better Customer Experience

How to Add the EagleView App to Your Device

Download the EagleView App:

iOS App Store (Apple)

Google Play Store (Android)

  1. From the Home Screen, tap App Store

  2. To browse the App Store, tap the search bar at the top

  3. Type in “EagleView Technologies, Inc.”

  4. Scroll to the EagleView App, tap GET

  5. Follow the prompt: Double Click to Install the App

  6. If prompted, sign in to the App Store to complete download

  7. Tap Open to begin using the app 

  8. To create an account, tap Sign Up

  1. Find the Google Play Store app on your phone

  2. Tap on the Apps icon to open the Google Play Store

  3. At the top, search for “EagleView Technologies, Inc.”

  4. Scroll to the EagleView App, tap INSTALL

  5. Select accept and download

  6. If prompted, sign in to the Google Play Store to complete download

  7. Once installed, select open to use the app