Don’t Let the Insurance Claims Process Slow You Down 

Using EagleView Assess, contractors can easily, safely, and quickly inspect roofs for damage and generate accurate repair estimates - paving the path for faster claims resolutions for customers. 

Detect Damage with AI

Leverage the power of AI to consistently and accurately identify hail, wind, and other types of damage to win repair work. 

Validate Roof Damage Claims

Leverage unbiased AI-powered damage detection to provide objective data to insurance carriers and accurately inform claims decisions. 

Generate Automated Reports

Automatically generate detailed damage reports, featuring high-resolution imagery and supporting notes to inform repair estimates and speed claims resolution.

Get to Work Quicker

Resolve claims more efficiently to get to work making repairs for customers, quicker.

We had a $500,000 roof denied. But once we flew the EagleView Assess™ drone and provided a report that proved what we were saying was true, the insurance company ended up paying for the roof.” 

Speed up insurance claims resolutions to help your customers rebuild faster.

A Faster, Safer Way to Validate Roof Repairs with Insurance Carriers

Easy-to-fly, hard-to-crash drone

Clear, consistent property imagery

AI-powered damage detection and obstacle avoidance

Detailed, automated damage reports

Roof measurements and 3D models for estimates

Brett Tesson

Tesson Roofing

Resolve Claims Quicker with EagleView Assess™

Discover how drone-based technology can help you speed claims resolution. 

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A Safer, Smarter Way to Validate Roof Damage Repair Claims

See how EagleView Assess™ enables contractors to quickly validate repair claims and get to work quicker for customers. 

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